Life in a highly sexualised and fragmented society, where relationships have become increasingly hard to sustain, affects us all, at many levels.  Through a series of discipleship courses, we offer understanding, hope and pastoral care to men and women who want to explore the impact of this in their own lives.  Whether the issues are personal, relational or sexual.

The Journey courses, in line with God’s word, provide teaching from a manual, small group work and listening prayer. Many people have found them transforming – enabling them to move into deeper, more healthy relationships with God, themselves and others.

We also offer training and support for churches wanting to address these issues.

Local Journey groups throughout Europe offer three programs:

Journey of Grace  (26 weeks)
In the Beginning (10 weeks)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

If you are interested in one of the above courses, check whether this is offered in your country at countries.