In the Beginning

‘In The Beginning’ helps delegates review their primal family relationships, now, as an adult.

Different issues will alert us to the need to do this :
Inner emptiness, anxiety, shame, drifting through life, feeling fatherless, acting out a role, living behind a mask, issues with authority figures, passivity, control,
co-dependency, issues with work colleagues, can’t say “no”, loneliness, low self esteem, rejection, stuck in unhelpful relationships, isolating, rage, self harming etc.

What is covered?
Chapter 1 In the Beginning God – are we living as God intended
Chapter 2 The Cross
Chapter 3 Our Mothers
Chapter 4 Being my Mother’s Daughter / Son: separate sessions
Chapter 5 Receiving Motherly Love
Chapter 6 Our Fathers
Chapter 7 Being my Father’s Daughter / Son: separate sessions
Chapter 8 Receiving Fatherly Love
Chapter 9 Siblings and Peers
Chapter 10 Staying on the Journey

How does it run?
Usually over ten weekly evening sessions. The ideal is to participate in a locally run course because the worship, the teaching and the prayer in small groups are all essential elements of the healing process. However, you can buy the workbook for yourself and use it for private study, taking as much time as you need and receiving prayer in church or with a prayer triplet or prayer partner. It can also be used by home or study groups provided you include prayer ministry.